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  • 209 Maine Ave. Suite 105
    Adrian, MN 56110
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  • 410 Bridge Ave.
    Albert Lea, MN 56007
    Ph: 507.373.1486 Fx: 507.373.8356
    Tf: 800.455.1486
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  • 120 8th Street SE
    Altoona, IA 50009
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  • 1305 1st Avenue SW
    Austin MN, 55912
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  • 25 Division St
    Buffalo, MN 55313
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  • 615 West Esch Dr.
    Caledonia, Minnesota 55921
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    24 Hour Automated Prescription
    Phone Service Toll-Free: 855-419-2331
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  • 303 2nd Ave SW
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  • Five Lakes Centre
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  • 700 Division Street South
    Northfield, MN 55057
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    Toll Free: 800-868-9986
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    Pharmacists: Jim Gannon
    Pharmacy Manager: Colleen Vivant

    Home health care equipment has evolved over the years, and Village Drug has been there all along. We know about what equipment is currently available, and what exciting advances are around the corner. If you have a question or are facing a tough home health care issue, our experienced staff can help you find best possible solution. Contact us for a consultation. That's what we're here for!

    We make it easy! Over the years we've worked with therapists, nurses, and every home health care professional in Northfield, so we have an extensive selection of equipment right here in stock. We're also happy to custom order anything else you might need. And we make it easy – we'll work with your doctor or nurse for authorization, and handle all Medicare billing. We also provide free delivery service to the Northfield area.

    Custom Medications


    Compounding is the practice of formulating prescription medications to provide customized, highly effective treatment options. Compounding may also involve combining medication with flavorings for pediatric or veterinary use. Because every patient is different and has unique needs, customized, compounded medications are a vital part of quality medical care. Compounded prescriptions can even be life-saving if certain allergies or conditions exist.

    > Why Compound?
    > Why Village Drug and Compounding?
    > Human Compounding
    > Veterinary Compounding


    Store Amenities:
    Pharmacy, Health and Beauty, Home Health Care, Free Delivery

    Location Hours:

  • 616 North 8th Street
    Osage, IA 50461
    (Inside Mitchell County Reg. Health Center)
    Ph: 641.732.5806 Fx: 641-732-5794
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  • 410 Hoffman Drive
    Owatonna, MN 55060
    Ph: 507.451.0240 Fx: 507.451.5134
    Tf: 800.840.0843
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  • 115 West Jessie St., P.O. Box 370
    Rushford, Minnesota 55971
    Ph: 507.864.2153 Fx: 507.864.2143
    24 Hour Automated Prescription Service
    Toll-Free: 855-864-2153
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  • 137 West Main St., PO Box 6
    Spring Grove, Minnesota 55974
    Ph: 507.498.5509 Fx: 507.498.3632
    24 Hour Automated Prescription Service
    Toll-Free: 877.870.6042
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  • Located in Downtown Worthington
    on 511 10th Street
    Worthington, MN 56187
    Ph: 507.372.7533 Fx: 507.372.7525
    Tf: 800.290.4793
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